Success Stories

From finding new skills and passions to gaining confidence in a professional setting, Students + Startups helped these students take a big step toward finding success after college.

Calvin Usiri

Working for a startup is completely different to working for a well established corporation. You are there because you can actually make a difference and you are a person of great value, not just a placeholder.

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Devina Kumar

Geekdom is a very happening place to work in right now. Its part of a big technological revolution that is going to change the way people look at San Antonio.

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Nadia Lozano

I had no background in business, accounting, entrepreneurship or any of that and I have learned things that even my friends who have taken business classes don’t know.

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Austin Guerrero

Anyone in any field should consider this internship, the work you receive is flexible, related to your major and each and every one of these companies is willing to help you learn.

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Laura Wilson

It was an invaluable opportunity to collaborate on a professional level with almost sixteen different people within the startup.

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The Students + Startups Program made it so easy for my startup company to employ an intern. They take care of all the details and I had the benefit of working with a talented student, who brought real value and a positive spark of energy to my company.”

Cynthia Phelps, PhD, CEO, InnerAlly

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