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Take the headache out of finding interns.

You need talent to help your company grow and thrive.

With Students + Startups, you can select top interns from a pre-qualified talent pool and get half their summer wages paid-for by the 80/20 Foundation. That’s just a smart business decision.

Really great program and has continued to get better!

Yumi Jeon
Yumi Jeon Codeup

Great pool of talented students and our intern was an absolute rock star. We look forward to welcoming her to our team permanently when she returns for the fall semester.

Alberto Piña
Alberto Piña Braustin Mobile Home

Who we're looking for

We’re looking for local San Antonio companies that can support a full-time intern position during summer 2020.

Examples of Intern Roles

Students from every major and background create a wide-ranging pool of talent to draw from… their impact on your company is limited only by your imagination.

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Interns are pre-vetted by our team to ensure talent and commitment

You guide the matching process, and select the interns you like best

Intern’s wages will be partially subsidized by 80|20 Foundation

High-quality interns strengthen your team and have real impact on your products and services

Startup FAQs:

  1. I’m not 100% sure I’m going to find the employee I’m looking for…should I apply?
    1. You are not committed to the program until you find the perfect candidate, and our team will work extremely hard to find you a great student! Apply!
  2. This program is for undergraduate students, what would you say is the “sweet spot” for interns?
    1. Ideally, sophomores to graduating seniors. We do take freshman, but companies have preferred students to be studying their major.
  3. Can I hire more than one intern?
    1. Yes, if your budget allows, and if you have a project and/or job description for each individual intern.
  4. Why can’t I hire more than six?
    1. It does depend on the company and its hiring needs, but we want to ensure that every student has a high-impact experience.
  5. Can I pay my intern(s) more than $10/hour?
    1. We ask companies to stick to the rate.
  6. My company has remote internship opportunities, can I apply?
    1. Unfortunately, we do not accept applications with remote internships.

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