Meet S+S Intern: Nadia Lozano

Why should should others consider it and why is it beneficial?

It’s a great learning experience. Startups are short on staff and have more work to do than a regular company does. If you actually want to work on an internship, working with a startup is the way to go. The things you learn here are beneficial no matter what major you choose.

How did it contribute to your growth?

I had no background in business, accounting, entrepreneurship or any of that and I have learned things that even my friends who have taken business classes don’t know. Also, if you feel like you’re not learning anything, your supervisors will usually change things up and let you sit in on meetings or handle bigger projects to ensure that you actually are learning. Even when you feel like you’re not learning, you probably are learning other basic skills such as email etiquette, team work, project management, etc.

It has also made me realize that I might want to consider a career in this field and even if I don’t end up pursuing this interest, it has definitely taught me things that are useful in any field. It has also made me aware of several skills that are necessary to succeed in the real world, despite your chosen career.

Did you like the program?

I like it a lot. I was lucky enough to get to work with an awesome team. My coworkers are always cheerful, willing to help (and to teach), and are great about giving feedback whether it is positive or negative. Sometimes it can get tiring but when you work with people who are passionate about what they do (which is probably the most important thing), even tiring moments are fun.

Some people don’t like the program and end up realizing that this (working in the startup world) is definitely not for them, but even if that happens at least they learned useful things and have now gained real world experience. Whether you like it or not, you can only win from this experience.

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