Meet S+S Company Partner: White Cloud

white cloud company partner

We first learned about Students + Startups through another Geekdom company that had a really great experience and recommended we join the program to get connected with quality interns.

The S+S talent pool is brimming with skilled, professional young talent eager to learn and contribute to the tech community. We approached this internship from a long-range lens and desire to hire someone who would jump at the opportunity to carve out a more permanent place on our team. That’s why we focused on the growth potential of the intern, building a position around our team gaps, not just the monotonous tasks typically associated with internships.

When the internship began, we knew Cade would do a lot of shadowing to get acclimated to our video editing software and camera equipment. Little did we know less than two weeks later he would confidently get behind the camera and even help stage interview shots. Much to our delight, Cade also jumped at the opportunity to contribute to the storyboarding process for some of our larger projects, and he played an integral role in editing and sound engineering our clients’ videos.

We are happy to report that Cade accepted our offer to stay on the team as a part-time employee through his senior year after the summer program ended. I’d highly recommend the Students + Startups Internship Program to any San Antonio startup that needs the extra staff support to build and grow its business.

White Cloud is a video production company in San Antonio, utilizing innovative technology to push storytelling and marketing content skyward. With almost a decade of aerial photography experience, White Cloud also provides aerial video, photography, and commercial drone services to clients in commercial real estate, solar energy, construction, manufacturing, automotive, sports, and entertainment.

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