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More than an internship

Your summer internship through Students + Startups will be a challenging and immensely rewarding glimpse into life as a startup or small business owner. You will be able to network with entrepreneurs who have built companies from the ground up, and add to your professional network.

You’ll have the opportunity to not only extend your internship into the fall, allowing for a flexible part-time commitment but also position yourself for the prospect of a potential full-time employment offer. 


Connecting vetted candidates to roles with startups and small businesses in San Antonio.

Local Internships. Operations. Sales/Business Development. Videography.  Software Development. Creative Production. Brand Strategy.  Account Management. Finance. Marketing. Analytics. Community Engagement. Content Creation/Writing. Marketing/UI/UX. Social Media Management. Educational Services. Health and Human Services. Law and Public Policy. Entrepreneurial Support. Retail and Sales.

 Students + Startups offers candidates a distinct internship experience that combines tailored opportunities, local impact, and personalized support to help kickstart their careers and stand out in a competitive job market.


Even though Miltribe isn’t around anymore, I still stay in touch with my boss Donovan! I oftentimes credit my Deloitte internship with being instrumental in setting off my career, but in reality I wouldn’t have gotten that position without S+S. I also won the Valero Alamo Bowl scholarship twice as a direct result of interning in SA, so it helped with supporting my education. I am incredibly grateful for my Students + Startups experience, and think of it fondly every time I’m at Double Standard.

Alex Motter
Rebecca Derby

Alamo Angels

The most valuable experience I had was interacting with investors of these startups and watching their investments and commitment to the companies grow. My internship at S+S opened up an entirely different perspective to the startup community.

Rebecca Derby


My time with FlashScan3D built confidence in my skill sets of design, engineering, project management, etc. I look back fondly on my time there and with the S+S crew. I would not have the current job I have, not the startup intuition that I use in my own venture today were it not for S+S. Was a great experience – I learned a lot, met and worked with some very smart people. Received a significant amount of hands-on experience in the role under Chris Burney and was able to learn quite a bit about Angel Investing, due-diligence, and the San Antonio startup community at large.

Vivek Poovathoor
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Impact Guild

In our second year in business, Students + Startups took us to the next level of growth. We are huge fans! Where else can you access an incredibly talented pool of pre-vetted applicants, have a chance to connect more deeply with other entrepreneurs and startup companies in San Antonio, AND have subsidized compensation? It was a gamechanger. And we’ve loved our interns so much they have stayed on and worked the following semesters. Can’t wait for S+S 2020!

Sarah Woolsey


The most important factors I’ve come to look for in a junior employee are resourcefulness, drive, and grit. (I want real work done, I want to learn something new, and I want her/his energy to be infectious to our team.) The Students+Startups program seems aligned to this ideal perfectly and I would recommend participation to any San Antonio startup – Not only to better their organization but also to play a small part in making our city a better place to work and live as more graduates choose to join our cause.

Michael DeFelice
Co-founder & CTO
Madeline 2


The other students really made this program amazing. Everyone was inclusive and social. I always felt welcome, eager to explore San Antonio and excited to develop connections with them.

Madeline Morales

Rackspace: Open Cloud Academy

Students + Startups showed me what it meant to be a professional, working within a small team didn’t allow me to hide, or float in the background. For me and all of my peers, the program gave us true responsibilities and game-changing assignments, working with executive management at the company. My experience at S+S gave me a variety of experiences, such as: public presentations to improve my public speaking, tracking NPS data to improve operations, and thorough data analysis measuring program success to drive better outcomes within the program. Since I majored in finance, the team also allowed me to help prepare financial statements for government agencies and drive QoQ improvements.The program’s ecosystem helped me build valuable connections both professionally and personally, learning more about San Antonio.


Austin Guerrero

Dura Software

The interns crushed it…The process is easy, the talent is high-quality and adaptable, and you can’t beat the price! We’ve continued to employ some of the interns over the year and will definitely be hiring more for years to come!

Conor Chamness
Corporate Development


S+S gave me the opportunity to network not only with my company partner but with other students around the nation. I loved having a geekdom membership as I was able to network and learn from the startups. S+S gave me the opportunity to grow professionally, personally and brought me out of my comfort zone. I was able to gain lifelong friends and meaningful connections with mentors. Hands down best summer ever!

Angela Zavala
Alexes 3


I learned so much more than I thought I would coming into the internship. I got to fully immerse myself in the marketing team at my internship. They mentored me and showed me exactly what I had been wanting to gain experience on. The S+S program itself offered so many resources as well. This made this experience for the summer even better

Alexes Salazar

We accept applications from current students and recent graduates of every major, ages 18-24, who have either graduated from a high school in San Antonio or are currently enrolled at a university or college in San Antonio.



You can apply by hitting the “APPLY NOW” button at the bottom of this page.

Yes, please! We encourage all students to apply, even if graduation is closer to some than others. 

We also now accept students that graduated May 2023!

We get this question a lot…flexibility, proactiveness and self-motivation are some qualities our company partners look for in an intern.

You will be living that real-world 9-5 grind, you will be expected to work 40 hours a week, but your hours may differ based on your company. Be sure to ask during an interview or in a follow up email.

While we do not advise taking time off, if you know you have planned events (i.e. wedding, family reunions) bring these potential scheduling conflicts up during formal interviews to talk about flexibility. In the past, some students have made time up after the official last day.

You will be paid a $6,000 stipend paid out in two payments.

Subsidized downtown SATX housing is provided pending qualification.

Great question. Similar to life, there are no guarantees here. S+S is a competitive program. This means that we admit more interns than available positions. This is for numerous reasons, but feel this method has given companies and interns the best experience.

Potentially. This is company-specific and depends on what the company’s current hiring needs are. If this is important to you, ask!

A lot of our company partners’ office downtown, so we hope it’s a short scooter/walk/bus ride away! All of our interns are given a VIA bus pass to ride for free! Another way to get around is by carpooling, but please be respectful of the person who is giving you a ride to work!

More than the Alamo and the riverwalk, San Antonio is a vibrant composite of cultures, histories, and modern attractions.