Meet S+S Intern: Calvin Usiri

Nowhere else would you be expected as a tech intern to actually develop the application with the rest of the Dev team. My idea of a tech internship revolved around me shadowing a developer and testing out his changes to the views or updates on the controller’s. Little did I know that I was to be welcomed and accepted as part of the team and that I would be engineering our application using frameworks that I had very little experience with. It was mind-blowing. I could see the impact that i was making. I could see the number of lives that I was saving. I didn’t expect to be making this much of a difference.

Why should should others consider it and why is it beneficial?

Working for a startup is completely different to working for a well established corporation. You are there because you can actually make a difference and you are a person of great value, not just a placeholder. You get to wear many different hats and gain valuable experience that will build you as a person and as a professional. Specifically to computer science majors, if you get the opportunity to work for a tech startup as I have this summer, they will give you tasks that will make you wish you hadn’t taken the job in the first place, but it will build you as an engineer. I am a much better coder now than when I started working for Stratmedical a month ago because they teach you things that you just can not learn in the classroom.

How did it contribute to your growth?

I have never developed on a team before. All of my work was done on my own. I have grown as a team member and I have seen what it takes in order to work effectively within a cohesive unit. I have seen how things are done in the startup world and it has created a hunger to learn more.

Did you like the program?

You would never get this opportunity anywhere else as a novice developer. The team is incredible, my boss is fantastic and the environment is like non other. I have really enjoyed my time here at Stratmedical and hope to come back soon.

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