Meet S+S Intern: Austin Guerrero

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with Students + Startups.

Why should others consider it and why is it beneficial?

Anyone in any field should consider this internship, the work you receive is flexible, related to your major and each and every one of these companies is willing to help you learn. The companies do not expect you to hit the ground running on the get-go, they give you time to learn and help you along the way, so at the end, you are hitting the ground running. I feel like the most beneficial part of the internship was knowledge and connections. The knowledge I acquired was putting what I have learned in the classroom to practice and plenty other soft skills that are not taught in the classroom, like, sending a proper email and canceling/scheduling meetings.

How did it contribute to your growth?

This contributed to my growth because not only does it teach you knowledge that you did not know before like I said above, but also gives you insight on what it means to work a full time job, 9-5. It prepares you for the rest of your life. College is not like a full time job, you have control of your schedule and you do not have to cook, there’s a dining hall. You not only have to work around you’re working schedule but meals and other extra curricular activities as well. When you love what you’re doing you also notice that days go by very fast, I can’t believe the summer ended so shortly.

Did you like the program?

I loved it. I would like to do it again next year if possible as well, the experience combined with living requirements and the gradual learning curve is an experience that is a must try for everyone.

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